Yachad - Yachad

  • Confession

With the Jewish people Yachad wants to share the confession that Jesus is the Messiah, by supporting the preaching of the Gospel. The target group is twofold and so is the support:

  • Our own reformed-liberated supporters

For them support means: becoming aware of God’s unique way with Israel, prayer for the Jewish people, learning from Jewish exegesis.

  • Jews, both in Israel and the Netherlands and Flanders

Then support means: Helping Jews who confess that Jesus is the Messiah or Jewish congregations in word and action, offering facilities to pass on the Gospel to their fellow-Jews.

PM  Christian Arabs do not belong to the target group of Yachad, but they are also our national brothers and sisters in Christ.  If we are confronted with them in the support above mentioned, we cannot ignore them.

  • Position

Yachad recognizes the special position of the Jewish people in God’s work of salvation.

  • For centuries God has gone His special way with Israel.
  • Jesus was born as a Jew in Bethlehem, ‘He came to His’. And Jesus is still a Jew, also now that He is in heaven with a glorified body.
  • God remains faithful to His people that He has chosen (Romans 9-11).  The Jews link with the Scriptures (especially the Thora) both the traditional-orthodox Jews and the secular Jews (because the Tenach tells their history).
  • In view of the future: according to the book of Revelation the names of the twelve tribes are written on the gates of the new Jerusalem.
  • God does not carry out His work of salvation without us, believers from the Gentiles. He uses us  by making an appeal on  the Jews in word and action to make them jealous.
  • Relationship

According to Yachad the relationship between the Jewish people and the Christian  church is as follows:

  • The Christian church consists of both Jewish and non-Jewish believers, descending from Abraham through faith, united nations in Christ; every believer can anchor his or her identity in Christ.
  • The Jewish people consists of descendants from Abraham (‘via flesh’). So there is a relationship between the Christian church and the Jewish people via father Abraham (the forefather of  the Arabs as a matter of fact).

Jews, who confess that Jesus is the Messiah should feel at home in the Christian church ( belonging to the Messiah’s inner circle they should even  receive a place of honour. The rest of Abraham’s descendants missed the Way, Jesus Himself. By making them jealous we hope to lead them back to this Way and show it (or have it shown) to them. Thus we want to follow Christ and His apostles in our relationship to the Jewish people. Sharing their deep sorrow because of the many fellow-Jews who miss the object of the Thora,  we also want to share their prayers in their efforts for the preaching of the Gospel to the Jewish people.